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The problem with easter eggs is they're like 'ooh! its that, and that's him!!!' but on re-read they just stand out and make it feel like a slightly lazy stand up routine about Spangles or white dog sh*t that you don't see anymore. In stuff like 'War & Peace' that's stacked to the rafters with it, it becomes annoying. LSOTW gets away with it (just) because its rammed into various lines of dialogue and that book gallops along at such a pace it doesn't distract you so much. In lesser hands, it becomes like a tedious drinking game 'have a shot each time you see a Gobot being eviscerated' etc. Imagine how p*ssed you'd get playing that with Furmanisms...

I do like easter eggs that reference other stuff though - the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys in Generation 2 or the Dalek Transformer in the old M:UK stuff. That seems a bit more fun than labouriously referring to the minutiae of the franchise.
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