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Originally Posted by Terome View Post
According to himself, Isaac Asimov never wrote a second draft of anything. But then he had being Isaac Asimov going for him.
And one of the great originators of professional fan wank with his "Hey, lets merge my two big series into one glorious whole!" thing.

I've never actually read any Asimov, I've always vaguely planned to (and when I was a child my mother had a hardback of one of his Robot novels that had what looked like giant Super Gobots smashing up a city, which I thought was awesome but probably didn't happen inside anymore than Will Smith turning up) but being a mad bastard completist when it comes to shared Universe stuff I've always been put off slightly by the poor reputation a lot of the "Do you like Robots? Do you like Foundation? You'll love Robotey-Foundation!" novels have.

Even E.J. Su wasn't above slipping stuff like 'Binaltech' on calenders and the like in Escalation. That's worth a stout whack with the broom, E.J.
Hmm, though generally he wasn't to bad ("Binaltech" was in a garage IIRC and sound suitable mechanically to be plausibly something you might find on a list or whatever in there). Was it him or Nick Roche who had Eugenesis on a shelf in one issue? I'd guess Nick but I'm not sure without checking...

I'm probably never going to see it - what did he come out with?
The big one was from the same interview that's on the Diamonds Are Forever DVD where he's very, very smug, fully admited he's only come back because of the deal he's made ("I know what it's like to not have money, I know exactly what money means to me") and because he thinks the "failure" of the previous film had proved the point the success of the series is down to him.

I wonder if his derogatory comments about "The one I wasn't it" was the beginning of the perception OHMSS was a box office bomb when it actually did OK, if not spectacularly in comparison to the previous two films (but then, lower budget equals more profit so swings and roundabouts).

There's also a clip from a chat show post Bond where he responds to the question "Who was the first Bond villain?" with "Cubby Broccoli".

I hadn't realised how completely and utterly off his head George Lazenby was during the making of his film, from his own description of his behaviour after fame (and it would seem, LSD) went to his head makes it somewhat amazing he got as far as being paid his first fee for Diamonds Are Forever before walking away by his own choice before being sacked.

On the plus side, Pierce Brosnan is awesome. Just a big gleeful schoolboy about the whole experience. I'd love to see the promo pics he took in 1987 in readiness for being cast in The Living Daylights.

If you've a general interest in Bond there's probably not much in the documentary you won't already know, but it is a good solid overview, very much from the Broccoli perspective, basically being about the various people who've they've been sued by over the years in an attempt to take the franchise over. McClory is the only person to come off worse than Connery does.

Oh God, I'm going to hav to split this three ways now aren't I?

I've have thought he'd still be locked into a contract but it seems that everybody is back to square one on that front. I wonder how much the suits estimate Weaving's name to be worth, especially with The Hobbit looming...
Yeah, studios don't want to make multi-film contracts go on for too long, because they might avoid the problem of stars wanting more money with every film they also prevent the suits renegotiating the salaries down if one sequel doesn't do well enough.

Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
BTW, I'm really suprised so many of you get put out by the easter egg thing. Honestly, the only two times I can think where I thought "thats shite!" was the mentioned double page bit in Heart of Darkness with Megatron, Galvatron, Toy Galvatron, Leonard Nimoy all floating about, and there was a bit in War and Peace where the Dinobots ride off on Sixshot - made sillier when six shots shadow appears later on in the ongoing.
Oh, we're just pointing out some of the bad ones, there's lots of ones that do work well. With Easter Eggs in Transformers pre-dating the use of that name for them (the earliest I can think of is right at the start when some GI Joe toys appear in Marvel US 2 as the American army) it's inevitable they'll be as many that don't work as do.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
I do like easter eggs that reference other stuff though - the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys in Generation 2 or the Dalek Transformer in the old M:UK stuff. That seems a bit more fun than labouriously referring to the minutiae of the franchise.
Yeah, that's more fun and adds more layers.

Ohhhhhhhhh Simfur. Bloody Simfur. Even if that was Ryall's idea (and I'm not entirely sure of the extent of Furman's input on the co-written film comics) naming one of the major locations in the story after one of the credited writers was just pure self indulgent bobbins.
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