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Default Transformers: Prime Cancelled

News from around the interwebz courtesy of magazine Kidscreen:

"As for Hasbro's established stable of series, which drive the programming on its US joint venture network The Hub, the 13 episodes of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters due to launch this year represent the final chapter of the Transformers Prime story. It has grown to encompass 65 half-hour episodes that continue to roll out around the world. Look for a 75-minute Transformers Prime Beast Hunters movie to hit DVD shelves in Q4.

But that's not the end for Transformers. [Hasbro's SVP of International Distribution and Development Finn] Arnesen says a "new iteration of the animated TV series" is slated for delivery in late 2014, which looks like it might be shaping up to be the year of Autobots, given that audiences are already expecting the fourth live-action blockbuster in July."

I'm quite surprised to hear that Prime has been given the chop. It's reached enough episodes for syndication, so I suppose it's done enough. Strange to see that this decision has been made before Season Three has even aired, which makes one wonder if the ratings and demographics for Season Two weren't quite as healthy. In the contexts of the incredibly short shelf life kids toys and fads generally have, it probably should have been expected.

Also looking around the interwebz, I'm amazed at the number of folk putting the boot in and now decrying Prime as 'rubbish' and that 'they didn't like it anyway'.

Stupid grown up fans.
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