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Yeah, not really surprising, considering that hasbro's sales during Prime were lower than their sales between Animated\DOTM aka when there was NO MEDIA

At this point I'm terribly disappointed with Hasbro's eagerness to press the reset button close to each movie, even after they said stuff like "Prime is definitely here to last, we're using stuff from the TF Bible, everything connects to it, blah blah blah".

The thing is, I've been watching Animated these days, and comparing episode numbering, pretty much nil has been happening with Prime when decked shoulder to shoulder. For all the sophisticated high definition extra detailed stuff and effects and serious, dark tone, Prime is pretty much a flashy dumb kids cartoon at this point.

PS: Oh, Skyquake, got your pm but for some reason the reply button is so off center in my screen I can't reply to you! Cheers for letting me know mate!
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