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Given I've not had the opportunity to watch Prime, I don't have an opinion on the TV series.

However, I think Prime produced the best mainstream Transformers toy line ever - I love the balance between stylised design, detail and transformation. So I'll be sorry to see that go - but then, Beast Hunters looks a lot more hit-and-miss than the previous waves anyway.

Hopefully the same level of design ethic will carry on in future TV show based lines, but I'd be surprised...

All that said, I am not at all surprised the decision has been taken to reboot the cartoon side of Transformers and the mainstream kids toyline at this point. It's been Hasbro's style with each Movie, and it's the 30th anniversary next year: it's highly likely that they're looking to use this to grab attention, and having a fresh jumping-on-point for new fans makes sense.
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