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I was just commentating generally about fan reaction. Its just ridiculous, the amount folk around the boards going 'pfft, it were always bobbins'. I think for a lot of people, it wasn't Animated, and that was good enough. People do like their sci-fi so serious these days after all.

I think we've all been fairly critical of the show to a greater or lesser extent. For me, its the 'confuscious say' nonsense Optimus had in lieu of an actual personality and some of the poor storytelling choices. The end of Season 2 still winds me up - why not use the magical phase shifter do-dah to rescue the kids, and have Wheeljack (Remember him? Series Writers?! He has a F**king SPACE SHIP at his disposal with LOTS of guns!). I don't like deus ex machina cosmic macguffins and quests for them anyway, but if you're going to introduce them and have them as a driving part of the plot then at least utilise them properly in a military campaign. Sigh.

Oh, and the business in Season One where Miko nearly gets Bulkhead killed and gets the Autobots in a right mess, loosing them some doohicky or other (maps, was it - some cannister with something important, anyway) and is not admonished for her idiotic behaviour, ensuring she learns nothing and earns the right to carry on acting like a selfish prick.

Thats what I didn't like.

I did like Breakdown and Arcee, the generally good work done in getting Starscream away from that screeching, snivelling geewun persona (although that was all done), the outstanding 'Predatory' episode and Jack (the other human kids can all do one though) and his mum.
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