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Nah, the bible is a stupid excuse to meld elements from all continuities together and don't think of anything new.

13? Done since ROTF...jesus ROTF, the 2 hour film with the 7 page screen
Megatron a gladiator? Done since 1984
Prime a librarian\clerk? See above
Bumblebee being mute when he got injured from Megatron? TFTM

It's clear that at the time of WFC, the game was designed as a standalone, updated G1 universe, yet Hasbro wanted to shove it into the "Aligned" continuity because that was hip at the time. And thus we get to have those horrible Rage of Dinobots comics that try to tie Dinobots into Prime S3. Only for them to do something like 'oh, Predaking, the ancient warrior? Yeah one of his armour plates is lifted from Grimlock'.
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