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Originally Posted by Jaynz View Post
The only people who put all that 'time and effort' into the Aligned thing are Walky and his pals on the I never got the impression from anywhere else that Hasbro took that whole schtick seriously.
Yeah, I got that impression too. Hasbro's take on the whole Aligned Continuity thing seems to basically boil down to "Everything is one canon now, even the stuff that contradicts itself. Don't think too hard about it, just enjoy the ride". Which does tend to lead to stuff like...

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
It's clear that at the time of WFC, the game was designed as a standalone, updated G1 universe, yet Hasbro wanted to shove it into the "Aligned" continuity because that was hip at the time.
...this, where a blatantly G1 game with only the vaguest of ties to the Prime universe is totally in continuity with the TV show according to Hasbro even though it really doesn't make too much sense.

But no one really seems to take that too seriously other than the Wiki crowd, who jump through hoops to make sense of something that really isn't supposed to make sense in the first place. They put more effort into making things fit than the creators ever did, and they have to ignore or handwave a lot of inconsistencies to piece things together (much like with the whole "multiversal singularity" nonsense re: Unicron, Primus and the Thirteen).

With that in mind, I expect that whatever cartoon follows Prime will be billed as a loose sequel rather than a direct reboot. I doubt there'll be much in the way of continuity between the two though, either in terms of designs, character cast or storyline.
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