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Yeah, I just liked the break from the established G1 stuff we got with Beast Wars. Okay, it all ended up tied into to everything else but it really was a refreshing change and to an extent did explore the ramifications of the end of the war and how thigns ended up. Beast Machines also tried something different, trying to show that the Transformers had evolved from organic forms to their current states.

I'd agree that there is a lot of unmined potential in really getting under the skin of things, but would that be a bit much for a potential new extension of the franchise? The comics are currently delving into all that stuff which is enriching the stories and it would be great to see that sort of thing fleshed out a bit more in cartoons, but would that be of interest to kids?

I think unless we have another Generation 2, we're unlike to get a more imaginative take on things. Transformers being what they are, its difficult to present the concept of transforming warring robots without some repetition, but I've certainly had enough of the 'meet kids - 'cons appear - have fight- win - go home' that we've had over and over.
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