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Hasbro has always been wishy washy about their continuity. I remember one interview about War For Cybertron being a G1 prequel, yet High Moon Studios saying it was a stand alone. Now it did have a massive influence from the G1 cartoon continuity. Fall of Cybertron made it definitely seem like with was a G1 cartoon prequel. The writing by HMS definitely made it seem that way. Hasbro then says both of the games were Prime prequels from the get go. This is really stupid, as War For Cybertron was being developed before Prime was much of a thought.

Now with being said, the early Prime episode I was able to watch were decent. The further it went, the less interesting it became. Beast Hunters really seems to be really the end of the rope either way. The series just makes it seem like a "less futuristic" version of Cybertron.
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