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I'd wager Furman actually tried to do something different. But when it turns out the fans don't like seeing Robots In Disguise actually being, well, Robots In DisGuise, he tried to salvage his readerbase with Stormbringer. by then, it was already too late
I kinda agree. I loved the initial idea and the focus on deception and infiltration was excellent. It seemed almost plausible that an invading alien force of powerful but few robots would try and turn nations against each other before picking up the pieces. Pity people didnt go for it.

BUT! I think part of the problem was that Furmans idea was beyond him. You needed some strong human characters and he just couldnt produce any. The pace was wrong as well. There's something to be said for slow-builds but infiltration covers very little actual plot.

Also, I cant be the only person who loved the serious side of the decepticon invasion, only to stare slack-jawed at their super-secret base hidden in plain view on the side of a mountain with a giant decepticon logo on it. That was just pure stupid.
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