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I can live with the names.

But given that transformers g1 was always going to be aimed at a retro and therefore older crowd I could never understand why Furman went with Kids as the identifying characters. Why not some serious, adult characters for the Transformers to interact with and maybe add a much needed new take to the story.

In fairness to Simon, I'm not sure any comic version of the transformers have got any decent human characters. They've always felt more like plot points rather than actual characters that can keep a readers interest alongside the robots. For all its faults, AHM probably does it best, but Spike is a terrible creation (even before he really got annoying under costa).

As much as I have slated him, I think the Michael Bay moveies got the best human characters. No, not Sam and his idiot parents, but rather the marines in the first one and Mearing in the third are more the kind of characters I would like to see in the comic.
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