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I think people dislike stuff like Spike taking down a Decepticon with some household chemicals. I thought the scene in the first bay movie were Scorponok attacks is done really well. The Humans fight back and eventually win out but it takes much more of them.

This works in the overall concept of the TF universe - yes, its two armies. But they are small and heavily personalised so they dont work like Human armies. Instead they have to use their ability to infiltrate to get in an optimum position to attack where their individual troop ability causes much more damage - as in Blackouts helicopter attack. If he had just attacked that base headlong and got blown to pieces I wouldnt have a problem. Instead he uses the helicopter mode to sneak in and destroy the base from within. It's exactly how I would depict transformers vs humans.

Its also why I found myself hating the other 2 Bay movies more than the first. That scene promised so much in my mind but the films gradually abandoned a semi-realistic take for jive talking robots.
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