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Besides, last I recall, no one had a problem with Spike being uber-badass until Don Figueroa's Bay-inspired new art style. Coincidence? I think not.
It's not about Spike being a badass or anything, it's about Spike trash-talking a Decepticon and beating him with utterly and increasingly ridiculous methods and being a general jackass.

And he does that, killing a Transformer who is forced to act like a total buffoon to justify Spike being able to kill him single-handedly, while trash-talking the entire Transformer race. Not just Scrapper, not the Decepticons, he's trash-talking the entire Transformer race. Don't you think that the Transformer fans would like it when an already hateable character goes off and rants about how totally useless and lame giant robots are?

Not to mention that Mike Costa's Spike is a total whiny annoying piece of shit who insults practically every Transformer he meets, who in addition to being an obvious Mary Sue, is probably universally reviled by the fandom all throughout the entire Costa run, up until the obvious retcon that, oops, he's a Decepticon agent and traitor and shit, so he has clearance to be a jackass all along. Whereas McCarthy portrayed him as a cliched and merely annoying generic movie hero guy.

And the issue where he kills Scrapper wasn't drawn by Don Figueroa.

I'm not saying Don Figueroa's new art style is bad (the robot faces themselves are the major complaints I have, otherwise I liked it) but it being the reason why people hate Spike, who is drawn exactly the way he was as in previous IDW portrayals? I think you're drawing at straws to support your ridiculous fandom conspiracies, man.

Back to topic:

I actually liked Prime through both of its seasons, and thought it was as good as Beast Wars, at least... both as a kid's show, as well as a more serious sci-fi story. Animated was much more hammier and kiddier (and annoying, in retrospect) but I really, really do like all of Transformers: Prime, and am really sad to see it cancelled.

But that's just me.
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