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Originally Posted by Kungfu Dinobot View Post
Naw, they were bitching about the humans being too useful (despite their victory hingeing entirely on sucker punching superior foes)even before the 2nd movie, so your point is moot
No, a moot point would be Spike has hair.

Also, I wasn't speaking for all people when I wrote "I thought...". Figured that I was obviously expressing an opinion.

Besides, last I recall, no one had a problem with Spike being uber-badass until Don Figueroa's Bay-inspired new art style. Coincidence? I think not.
People were complaining about Spike as far back as AHM #9. And if the ending to AHM didn't go down well, AHM #16 cemented his position as most peoples pet hate. Well before Don came back to draw for IDW. But Black Jack has explained it better than I could so I'll leave it at that.
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