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I think Lugnut's kind of cute, though, the way he worships a guy who'd probably scrap him when the first opportunity presents itself.
Where and how did Lugnut come into this discussion? What, are you bringing him in from the other thread and try and turn this into a stereotype-related shouting match again?

Stop bringing in those controversial and offensive topics from the thread that got locked. There is a reason we locked it.

I dunno, most of the AHM fan don't seem to have much of a problem with Spike almost single-handedly turning the tide of the Cybertronian conflict, much less with a weapon more powerful than a goddamn lightsaber (the Mary Sue of Sci-Fi weapons) until Mike Costa came along. Even that one guy didn't complain about it util like, 2-3 years later.
Then these so-called 'AHM fans' and 'one guy' should come here and speak for themselves. Stop parroting their points and then acting as if you don't know anything and point fingers once someone argues the point.
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