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Anyways, TF Prime, I'm disappointed to see it go, but can't really give an ass. It was good, but nothing special. The fact that Shockwave's toy has a lame alt-mode is the 2nd final nail in the coffin. If Hardshell doesn't get a full-size toy that is at the very least, almost as good as the commander class, I'll do something slightly humiliating.
Prep yourself for something humiliating, because it's rumoured that the final, unseen voyager for the line is a Megatron iteration. Which leaves Hardshell out.

It still awes me how people still gawk at Shockwave having yet again a "lame" alt mode. The guy has a running tradition since 1984 of turning into nothings, half forms, and half assed stuff.

If he isn't a space handgun he doesn't transform, then he becomes a tank\crane hybrid, then a space tank, then a tube with wings, then another space tank.

You'd think people would get the gist by now...reading about Shockwave's usual alt modes is to me, like people lamenting on how Optimus Prime is another truck all over again!
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