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Yup. Unless it's actually relevant than just something you're using to push an agenda, don't mention other fans or boards at all; it's not exactly against the rules but it makes you look like a shit-stirrer when it happens so often. There's no point or gain in attacking the opinions of others if they're not here to either defend themselves or take in the criticism.
  • Don't make topics on subjects you know full well are controversial and then act all innocent when someone points this out.
  • Don't whore 'your' topics out to other posters via the board's PM system. If people are interested and want to reply, they will. Otherwise it's no better than cold-calling someone out, and I believe we've had words about that. Similarly, just because you are obsessed with something there's no need to derail multiple threads in that direction.
  • If a regular poster (the line between staff and regulars who know the ropes is blurred at this place because most of us have been knocking around for years) tells you about your conduct take onboard what they say rather than trying to think up some glib reply or proclaiming innocence.
  • Don't use disingenuous phrasing like
    I could point out that the Africans, by colonial European standards are "lesser alien species" since they don't have guns or ships, but I tackled the first subject before and they came on me like a brick shithouse.
    because you know full well you are saying it anyway, just with a weasel words disclaimer.
TBH I think you've got troll stamped through you like a stick of rock, because you know all that, but there we go. Ultimately it's not really my decision.
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