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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
I'm kinda curious - he's Trailbreaker in the comic but not on the cover or blurb? How? I'd have guessed Hasbro had some sort of hand in it (seeing as there's nothing to stop them using the name in a comic, cf. Spotlight Shockwave before they got the trademark back) to promote whatever Generations abortion they've got coming up (TFP Bulkhead retool? Shared mould with FoC Joyride?)... so why is the script seemingly ignoring it? Have they just assumed the book's only selling to people who read the Waki?
The most recent series of Spotlights were commissioned directly by Hasbro to be used as pack-ins with a series of Generations toys. I'm less surprised about the comic using the toy's name on the title than I am by the fact that the issue is using "Trailbreaker" at all. Surely that's going to confuse all the kids they're hoping to turn into comic buyers with the pack-ins?

Both of your ideas for what the toy actually looks like would be more Trailbreakery than the real thing, by the by. It looks more like Skids. At first I was sure it was mistransformed in the stock photos, but no.
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