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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Kind of a disturbing thought that the Megatron spotlight is likely to end up in the hands of kids, as it's pretty dark.
Nah, I think for a young kid Megatron beating up Starscream is just going to be fun, the subtext will whizz over their head.

As for Trailcutter (and I think only a very dim child will be confused by the name thing as presented, it's interesting that Brainstorm and Highbrow are nicknames as well): Just a fun, fun issue with a lot of great gags. My favourite one being the piss take of the whole "Plot" of this series of Spotlights with Lockdown and his crew not being able to go anywhere without tripping over a Titan.

It's not especially deep or essential but as a bit of daft standalone fun it's hard to beat.
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