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Whirl was frickin' brilliant, by the way. When Hasbro is finished plugging their cheap wares, can he have his own spotlight? C'mon, the skinny little prick is due one. Practically hogs every panel he's in, anyway.
Couldn't agree more. This standard grunt just keeps getting more and more to him. A craftsman turned heretic turned criminal turned enforcer turned poster child for Autobot mercy turned black-ops heavy turned suicidal nutcase turned annoying shipmate. Who just so happened to have started the war.

Who knows what could be done to him with a whole Spotlight to explore?

My favourite one being the piss take of the whole "Plot" of this series of Spotlights with Lockdown and his crew not being able to go anywhere without tripping over a Titan.
Yeah, that bit did stand out as a reversal. Lockdown and crew were not zealots hunting down a relic, they were... poachers.
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