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I dunno, this did it for me. Not brilliant, but I was thoroughly entertained. I think it worked because More Than Meets The Eye's episodic structure and occasionally lighthearted tone lends itself well to the Spotlight format.

It's a simple premise. Basically, the issue does precisely as solicited; the resident 'one trick pony' is out to prove his worth, and as luck would have it, the opportunity to do so drops right in his lap. It's cliched, sure, and a touch convenient, but, meh, the setting keeps it fresh. Roberts was clearly having fun with it.

Oh, oh, and there's a hook! It's a tale that's kinda, sorta split into two chapters, the second half being Spotlight: Hoist. If the Spotlight series was formatted into something like, say, Chronicles of the Lost Light - like this was and presumably SL: Hoist - I'd be picking them up more often. It's piqued my interest, at any rate. I want to see more spotlights like this.

Whirl was frickin' brilliant, by the way. When Hasbro is finished plugging their cheap wares, can he have his own spotlight? C'mon, the skinny little prick is due one. Practically hogs every panel he's in, anyway.

Quibbles -- Mmm, I'll have to share Terome's criticism that the Decepticons really didn't bring much to the book. I also agree that Lockdown was pretty indistinct character wise and could've easily been transposed with just about anyone.
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