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Its stories like this that make me glad I'm not really super into getting toys as they come out. I thought it was frustrating waiting a few days for a comic subscription to arrive!
Funnily enough, I was thinking about this the other day. I spent most of last year very frustrated that I couldn't find a Prime Vehicon anywhere at UK retail. During 2012, we had waves 1 & 2 on sale everywhere for most of the year and then around Xmas we got wave 4 appearing and now... everywhere has a full compliment of western Prime stock (I've since snagged a couple of extra Vehicons). And we've had a similar pattern with other recent TF releases, now I come to think about it (well, except where stuff fails miserably and gets dumped at Home Bargains and B&M).

Which just made me wonder if maybe its not distribution per se, but the global release schedules that cause these problems. The internet and avaialbility of information really does create an urgency and expectancy for everything which perhaps companies' distribution networks and planned release dates (which are probably in flux depending on sales anyway) cannot keep up with.

...Probably stating the blinglingly obvious, but its nice to have a moment of clarity every now and then

As for MPs, I'll just sit and wait and see what Hasbro bring us. These sorts of products (and toys in general) I like to see in person before buying. The current Hasbro MP Prime I found an easy pass. It just didn't do anything for me. The chunky lower legs, oddly small head with sticky-out ear bits and blue eyes that look wrong on the toy, not to mention how portly Roller has got over the intervening years, it just doesn't evoke the same feelings for me as the old school toy, and some fancy engineering isn't enough for me to shell out 100. Especially as the original has most of the bases covered : die-cast / rubber tyres/ chrome / fun.

Looking again at MP 'Swipe, I can't get over how broad his chest looks and how small that makes his head appear. He just doesn't seem as well proportioned and good looking as his original toy. And against the comparrison pics with Binaltech Smokescreen he seems like a poor relation to something that arguably did the same job but better and without the crazy price tag.

I will be interested to see how Prowl looks in the flesh. Him and Soundwave are the only ones I'm really interested in.
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