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Well, part of the problem is that people are so, so, so damn impatient. I notice that trend in sightings and whatnot in tfw forums. A new case pops up in nowhersvile, texas, and folks over at alaska cry out that they're screwed by hasbro that the case isn't out at their place 2 minutes later.

European distribution is even poorer, to be honest. Hasbro's distribution panels should have a much better communication method with advertisement and marketing. A character is "hot" for a certain amount of time around their appearance on the show, and then it slowly fades away. If season 3 is airing in the UK as well right now, and Airrachnid is just starting to hit shelves, well, they killed off her sales.

As for the MPs, I respectfully disagree. Prime and Sideswipe are two of the funnest figures I've picked since 2004. The fact that never, ever, since I was a little child, had I found "base" modes interesting but I keep playing with MP10's trailer is a testament to how good the figure is for me. The fact that they're expanding the car subline makes the 6 year old inside me not want to miss ANY of them!!
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