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I think thats what puts me off the MPs - certainly the Takara versions. You have to gamble on a pre-order and hope Takara's QC doesn't leave you with an expensive mistake. If they do turn out okay, stock sells out quickly and then you're stuck with the aftermarket. You mentioned some examples of 'swipe have some paint blemishes and some consumers aren't happy with this. Whilst they may be exaggerating, these are high ticket items, so you expect the quality to match the price tag. Too often, that doesn't seem to be the case.

I'm glad they scratch an itch for you guys, but they don't always do that for me. It also depends on the investment in the character, too. Optimus (for example) has never been on my list of favourites, so if a particular version isn't up to my expectations then I don't feel bad if i have to pass on him.
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