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Definitely agree with you; Optimus is pretty low on my list of must haves in fiction and toys. Sideswipe and Prowl are more iconic to me, toy-wise, than the big red truck ever was. Probably because there was Ginrai, Laser 2 Optimus and so on. The truck never stopped coming out, the contach and the datsun did stop.

Which is even further testament to how great I believe MP Optimus is; I don't like the character that much and I was never hot on playsets\bases. Yet I can't put mine down.

As for the Takara versions, in my opinion the biggest flop of recent years is Rodimus v1, where some truly bad decisions and fit turned a good toy to below bad. Prime MP10, MP11 Starscream, Soundwave, Red Alert and the cassetes did not have any widespread issues, and I do believe Sideswipe's issues were magnified from mouth to mouth.

The main problem is, like this thread mentions, takara shorthanding nearly everybody. The figures are still available, but under so many mark ups even I don't think they're worth it. There's a certain threshold in which a toy can go from GREAT GET IT NOW to meh when it comes to prices. Best example? MP Soundwave. His tapes were so under produced it's not even funny. Each set costs about 60-90 USD on the aftermarket, a month\two months after release. The USA release will cost about 100 USD with all five cassettes. At that point you sort of question where's the point in that...
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