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I finally got my Masterpiece cassette sets - they arrived in the UK on 18th March, but customs seemed to have a hissy-fit or misplaced them - they only cleared customs yesterday!

I was terrified at first I had lost out due to the supply issues, and when I found they'd been in customs for a month thought they may have been lost... So I drove down to the depot and picked them up today, to avoid any more stress! I am shocked that I got charged a customs bill of 75% of the combined cost of the sets though - how do they calculate these things?!?!?

Anyway, I have them now. Sadly Frenzy has a paint error on his face. The rest are all fine. Frenzy and Rumble are fun, but I actually prefer the United versions (they are better proportioned and the weapons and piledrivers are part of the transformation, and not just random accessories). In fact, given how well designed Laserbeak/Buzzsaw and Ravage are with their weapons folding away into the cassette mode, I don't know why they couldn't have designed the humanoid cassettes to store their guns too - they're much simpler designs than the animals.

Ravage is really awesome - I'd recommend trying to pick him up. Robotkingdom have restocked on them at $59.90 USD:

Now, why do I bother preordering? Well, the prices are way lower and you're more likely to avoid supply issues. I mean, I bought the cassette sets at $35 USD - now if you're lucky to find them the price is around $60 USD. I bought MP-12 Sideswipe at $70 USD, and now he goes for $150 USD or more if you can find him. And let's not even bother talking about Soundwave!

So, I'd say the 'gamble' pays off.

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