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Transformers: Season 2 and More
Posted On: April 17th 2002 at 12:00am
Posted by: anthony
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Althought we've yet to receive a copy of Transformers: Season 1, it seems the word is out already for Season 2...

According to Video Store Magazine:

The Transformers season 1 dvd boxed set which compiles the series first 20 (typo, actually 16) episodes with remastered video and sound. The box includes a bonus disc of goodies unavailable anywhere else. Aug 13 Rhino issues more volumes of the the Transformers spin off "Beast Wars" before closing the summer with Transformers Season 2 DVD box set due Sept 10.

Rhino has yet to send an official press release and I doubt we'll see one until the release of Season 1. I'm not sure how they plan on releasing season 2, but if it is released in a complete set expect to pay somewhere around $75 as season 2 had 49 episodes and will probably come in a 7 or 8 disc set, depending on the extras.

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