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The highlight here was was the interaction amongst the crew, whilst it was arguably Roberts by numbers style banter it was still good banter. My first experience of Bob as well, I can see why he's the main well regarded thing Costa did.

The main plot was very predictable though, as soon as I saw Shockwave's gun arm on the cover I thought "Well, he won't really be there" and so it soon became really obvious that there was some sort of illusion going on, in that regard Swerve happening to force the names of his five least favourite Decepticons into conversation was an unusually unsubtle way of making it obvious who the five mentioned in previews were were going to be. It was all a bit Star Trek: Voyager really.

That is, till the end. Where's Hoist's solution was the same as Kryten's in the Red Dwarf episode Legion (come to that, the Decepticon gestalt mish mash might have been an intentional tip of the hat to the source).

Not a bad issue though, probably on the same level as Megatron in the middle of this Spotlight run (with Trailbreaker at the top and Pax followed a long way behind by Bumblebee at the bottom), but it would have been more fun to just give over an entire issue to the three guys in a shipwreck talking.

Anyone want to take bets on Metroplex being a giant meaningless illusion as a meta commentary on the overriding arc to these Spotlights?
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