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Its not a bad issue but its very obvious where its going. What helps make it interesting is the banter between the Autobots. Swerve in particular,is all mouth, with a nice sting. Hoist could have been explored more - which brings me to a point i've found with three of the last four roberts issues. Some of the stories feel like they could have done with an extra 2 (or in #15 4) pages, not so much from text story telling but in terms of panels to flesh out what was happening.

Here, I think we could have had a bit more of Hoist to cemment him as a character. I like the idea of a Miles O'brien character on board who can be a bench mark for the wider crew. Some have complained (mostly on the IDW forum to be fair) that many of Roberts stock characters are smart-ass wise-crackers. I'm not sure if thats completely true (I feel its as much the way Roberts writes his dialogue in general) but a character like Hoist can help ground the stories and allow the more odd-ball ones something to bounce off.

Anyway, enough rambling - a nice issue but nothing outstanding. I cant compalin about the red-dwarf / ghostbusters pinching because both are over 20 years old at this point. I did like the idea that the Galactic Council does work at combating Cybertrons through non-violent means.

On a ranking of this run of Spotlights I'd go with:

Orion Pax

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