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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post

My first experience of Bob as well, I can see why he's the main well regarded thing Costa did.
Well, yeah, he's adorable! Hasbro needs to get cracking on those Bob plushies.

If it purrs, I'm totally getting one.

Metroplex being a giant meaningless illusion as a meta commentary on the overriding arc to these Spotlights?
"I look forward to the crippling anticlimax."

Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
Some of the stories feel like they could have done with an extra 2 (or in #15 4) pages, not so much from text story telling but in terms of panels to flesh out what was happening.
Heck, even with the last page. Really would've allowed that moment - when Hoist realized he was all alone - to sink in.

Maybe pan out? While spreading out that last bit of inner-dialogue between the added panels? As it is, the issue just sort of ends.

I blame the lack of page space on the gratuitous Metroplex cameos. And no, that's not just a pun on the size of the character.
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