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You knew what this was...
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I downloaded this yesterday, and it worked fine until they started to work on their servers. It's been pretty sketchy since then - it struggles to stay connected.

That being said, I enjoy it. It's super simple, and like Blackjack said, it mainly consists of being the lucky enough one in a PvP to have stumbled across nicer cards or being the one that pays real money for 3s and 4s. There doesn't seem to be any strategy, and I'm pretty sure that "recommend" button automatically assigns the best bots with the best weapons to your frontline team.

I'm struggling with the idea of feeding all the 1s into your 4s, 3s, and then 2s respectively. I'll run across 1s that I like character-wise, and want to keep them hahaha I'm too much of a completionist.

It also seems to me like you can carry 200 character cards and 100 weapon cards, according to the numbers on my "Base" page.
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