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So they're not going to be collected in the trades they tie in to? That's too bad.
Much as I didn't care for it, I get why IDW (and Hasbro?) opted to do it that way. Metroplex is a recurring (and rather intrusive) theme throughout all six new Spotlights. That, and each issue will come packed with its respective toy, while simultaneously whoring out that 2-foot tall hunk of plastic Hasbro plans on releasing during the holidays.

I don't want to buy a trade for only 2 stories I might like. Would you reccomend buying it or should I try to find the issues?
Wouldn't buy the trade myself, no.

Spotlight: Trailcutter (Trailbreaker) really did it for me. Probably the best of batch, in my opinion. Spotlight: Megatron wasn't too shabby either. Always a treat having Nick Roche on both art and story.

The Thundercracker, Bumblebee, and Orion Pax one-shots were pretty forgettable.
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