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Default 2014 Japan-exclusive toys: Masterpiece, Generations, etc

So, in Japan, instead of 'Beast Hunters', they are getting 'Transformers Go', starring a bunch of all-new, Japanese exclusive samurai combiner team and apparently repaints of the Predacon dragons that the Beast Hunter line got.

Their Generations toyline equivalent are also getting 'Senator Ratbat', a retool of Generations Scourge as a homage of the oft-seen bipedal Ratbat design in the comics.

Also, Masterpiece Tigertrack, a repaint of Masterpiece Sideswipe in homage of former Takara Toyshop exclusive Tigertrack (which in turn is a homage to the Diaclone toy Sideswipe is repainted from).

Pictures link to Seibertron:

Kenzan, the police car:

Jinbu, the jet:

Gan'o, the fire truck. The three robots can combine into a gestalt with any of them as the top, although no picture is shown. Each of them will apparently be around the size of Voyager class Beast Hunters Optimus Prime.

Gaidora, a retool of Lazerback from Beast Hunters with a new robot mode head and Ripclaw's paintjob. Also a few Arms Microns, but nobody cares about them.

Takara's version of Fall of Cybertron Grimlock, as well as the aforementioned Senator Ratbat.

Masterpiece Tigertrack, as well as Takara's Fall of Cybertron Metroplex... which comes with two guns and features much more gray and eliminates much of the red in the robot mode for some reason. EDIT: It's apparently a prototype, and the finished product will feature all the red like the Hasbro one.

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