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I think that Platinum Magnus works great in scale if you use Ultimate BH Prime and the deluxe for the cars/voyager for bulkhead.
Was Magnus that tall in the cartoon, though? I thought he was only ever so slightly taller than Optimus Prime's old body (which in Voyager class is at excellent scale with short-Voyager Bulkhead), and even then it's because of the shoulder drums.

EDIT: I stand corrected, as the newest episode proves, Magnus towers over Bulkhead.

Some messed up marketing the line had as a whole though, right? BH Smokescreen should have been out last year, and a blue repaint about now. Instead we got Smokescreen in a colourscheme he kept for 4 episodes since his release date.
This thing right here.

Not to mention Transformers Prime's seriously screwed-up Voyager assortment, having created random new moulds for Ultra Magnus (who is crap and ended up being obsolete in a couple of months) and Thundertron (who nobody really gives a shit about), instead of releasing Breakdown. Or Dreadwing and Skyquake sooner so they'd be more relevant.

Or release a Voyager class Insecticon instead of Thundertron... people'd still know who the bugs are, whereas Thundertron is an ugly thing.

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