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Bunch of news from an interview courtesy of Seibertron and Autobase Aichi:

The catchy Samurai motif of the Transformers Go! combiners used to appeal to Takara's own consumers.

The headsculpts of the three new Go! toys were each based on a specific Japanese Samurai stereotype. Kenzan (the police car) is modeled after a typical Samurai warrior with a top-knot, Jinbu (the yellow jet) is based on an armored Samurai with a Kabuto helmet, and Gan'ō (the fire truck) is designed after a Sohei, or "warrior monk".

The new headsculpt of Gaidōra (Lazerback remold) is based on an Oni, a breed of monster from Japanese folklore.

Generations Grimlock and Ratbat will be released in June

Encore Fortress Maximus has surpassed sales expections so hopefully there will be more Encores to come.

The delay of MP Prowl and Streak is due to Takara receiving more orders than they expected.

MP Smokescreen will be revealed soon with design differences.

Takara-Tomy is working on getting more car manufacturers to license their designs for future Masterpieces.

There will be a significant announcement at the Tokyo Toy Show June 15-16.

For sale at the Tokyo Toy show will be the first 3 Transformers Go! combiner bots, as well as Masterpiece Tigertrack with non-chrome version of Amazon Japans MP Lambor pile drivers.

TG-23 Metroplex will have different paint applications from U.S. version and feature 2 guns compared to the 1 that Hasbro's version has.

Mcdonalds is set to run another Transformers Happy Meal promotion on June 21st
Personally, while I'm not sure that the Encore and Masterpieces are selling so hotly, I'm all up for more of both series, so I'm wishing the best for both of them. I know I've got my Prowl pre-ordered.
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