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MP figures are sold out, but because they receive a more limited production run, not because they're wildly popular in Japan.

Hopefully extra units available on both Prowl and Streak means that most fans can avoid the clusterf*ck that was Sideswipe, Soundwave and the tapes. I personally got VERY lucky on Sideswipe, didn't have an issue getting Soundwave, but was royally f*cked over the cassettes.

Looking forward to Smokescreen. Though I'm beginning to question my preorders. Prowl is Prowl, that's enough for me, Smokescreen is going to be an awesome rally where does that leave Streak? Not in such a good position, in my books.

Can't wait for the significant announcement. It could probably be Encore series-relevant [Scorponok? Overlord? The dinobots?] but in the case it's MP20 or something, consider me happy.

Just so we're on the same page, hints and whatnot have the following VERY probable for the MP series: MP Bruticus [yeah], Galvatron, Magnus, Megatron and Mirage. Not counting Smokescreen because he's more or less announced.
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