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Lots of Target exclusives under the sub-subtitle 'Predacons Rising' are announced by Facebook. I'm not going to link every single picture because it's a bit redundant, but you can check out the entire gallery here.

First up: Target's exclusive Abominus boxset, featuring redecoes of the individual Terrorcons in clear plastic. He's apparently slightly mistransformed, although I'm not very familiar with the toy to say which parts.

Apparently, the Ultimate 'Beast Fire Predaking' will get reissued in the Predacons Rising subline, but I can't tell if there are any notable changes, so it's probably just a repack.

Commander class two-pack of Optimus Prime and Predaking. Prime sports a Thunderclash-themed deco, and Predaking sports one that seems (to me) to be based on RID Megatron/Gigatron:

Commander-class two-pack of Shockwave and Bombshock. Shockwave sports a GEEWUN yellow eye. Bombshock is the name of a generic Insecticon who spoke in one of the newer episodes... although in the show he had the same appearance as everybody else instead of the neon green here. Bombshock has a Predacon insignia for some reason.

Legion class two-pack of 'Stealth' Bumblebee and a red Blight (Blot). Looks like they're trying to milk the Stealth Bumblebee deco's first appearance anywhere, eh?

Legion-class two-pack of a G1-inspired deco Smokescreen (took a while for them to did this, which surprised me) and a redeco of Rippersnapper as Cindersaur. Personally, I like the Cindersaur.

Nova Blast Bumblebee, a redeco of the deluxe class Beast Hunters Bumblebee toy. Nothing to write home about.

Sky Lynx, a redeco of the deluxe-class Skystalker in a G1 Sky Lynx-inspired deco... looks quite a lot better then the bland Skystalker. Robot mode still looks like a godawful mess.

'Cryofire Predaking'. Like Cryo Scourge before him, the Voyager class Predaking toy gets redecoed into an ice-themed, Cryotek-homaging paint scheme:

Dark Steel, a redeco of the Voyager class Grimwing. Kinda looks like Prime's Breakdown.

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