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Not toys this time, but rather the anime of Transformers Go!, Japan exclusive for now... credits to Seibertron for translating, so I'm going to mirror everything from there.

Takara Tomy have updated their Transformers Go! website with nice clear images of the upcoming Autobot combiner teams. The Samurai team of Kenzan, Jinbu, and Ganou are shown in all three of their combined modes. The Ninja team of Gekisomaru, Hishomaru, and Sensuimaru are only shown in one of combined form, with the other two to be revealed later.

The banner image shows the two human children characters holding Generations Data Discs, which will be known as "Legendisks" in the animation. From what we know of the Transformers Go! plot the Predacons can be sealed away in these "Legendisks", so they will likely be seen in the animation as a capture device. The two combiner teams were left on Earth to track down the remaining Predacons with the help of their human companions.


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