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Default Transformers: The Covenant of Primus Book


A hardcover book that explores the Thirteen, or the Thirteen as Hasbro's 'aligned continuity' portray them as. We've seen glimpses to this mindset from Exodus and Exiles, as well as some leaked pictures from various other sources. Written by Justina Robson.

The book comes in a special wall mountable Autobot symbol case that features three "transforming" sound effects that are activated as the interlocking pieces are separated to reveal a cover by Ken Christiansen.

The Thirteen Primes are as follows: Prima, Vector Prime, Onyx Prime, Alpha Trion, Micronus Prime, Alchemist Prime, Solus Prime, Nexus Prime, Amalgamous Prime, Quintus Prime, Liege Maximo, Megatronus (Fallen), The Thirteenth Prime. Or the so-called 'Aligned Universe's version of them at least.

The pictures below contain Quintus Prime, Loki Liege Maximo and Vector Prime, as well as a redesign for Unicron

We had briefly glimpsed all thirteen Primes in the Transformers Prime cartoon series, way back in season one. Prima, Vector Prime, Alpha Trion, Liege Maximo, the Fallen and Nexus Prime are all based on fairly major characters from past franchises, and Solus Prime's a rather major posthumous character in the Prime cartoon series.

The book comes in at 176 pages and is priced at $99.00.

Here are some previews:
Ominous guy
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Amalgamous and Quintus Prime
Loki Liege Maximo
Megatronus and Thirteen
Vector Prime

Cue TFWiki people trying to shove this backstory behind every single continuity.

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