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From the Transformers Club Store, we've got images of the Wrecker combiner team, repaints of the Fall of Cybertron Bruticus toy that do a poor job of homaging who they're supposed to homage. Pictures mirrored from Seibertron again.

Impactor is a retool of Onslaught with a new head and a new harpoon accessory in addition to Onslaught's original double-barreled gun. Shame Impactor's first toy is a repaint of such a terrible toy.

Roadbuster is a retool of Swindle with new head, and a new weapon based on the Energon Harvester from the Fall of Cybertron game.. Still seems to come with Swindle's original gun, though.

Twin Twist is a retool of Brawl with a new head and a new double-drill weapon. Also, as Knightdramon pointed out, he also still comes with Brawl's original gun.

Whirl is a retool of Vortex with a new head and a new gun. Like Roadbuster and Impactor, Whirl comes with Vortex's original gunblades. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO POOR WHIRL

Topspin is a retool of Blast Off with, again, a new head and a new gun. And again, he still comes with Blast Off's original gun. Which is really strange since it seems to mean they kind of shortcharged anyone who brought the original Combaticons since apparently they can still fit in big chunks of weaponry into the deluxe class plastic allocation.

The Wreckers combine into Ruination. Ruination has a new head that homages Emirate Xaaron, and a paint scheme that homages RID Ruination of all things. That's right... they went through all the trouble to make new heads and accessories for Impactor, Whirl, Roadbuster and the Jumpstarters and decided to slap the ugly colours of random nobodies onto it.

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