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I don't mind the silly Xaaron head... if I ever bought these guys it'll be me going after the Jumpstarter, Impactor and Whirl homages instead of going after the combiner, but they basically screwed up all the effort made in the molding to homage the Wreckers just to make the combiner look like the RID dude.

(Bruticus/Ruination will always look better with the Brawl and Swindle molds as hands and the other two as legs. Blast Off makes for a terrible hand, and Vortex's got a ridiculous karate-chop hand)

I mean, sure, I would rather want brand-new Impactor, Whirl, Topspin, Twin Twist and Roadbuster molds, but still, as repaints meant to appeal to fans of the Wreckers this is a bit stupid. It's effectively killed off any interest I might have in buying, oh, at least Impactor and Whirl... shame, those new heads look nice. If they were decoed properly...

Oh well, at least I won't fork over more money to Hasbro for these, which is good.

EDIT: fixed the Brawl gun thing.

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