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These are toys from the 'incentive figure' program or whatnot, which meant you can get/buy these guys if you registered before a deadline. Very much too late if you want these guys, but I thought I'd share them for sake of completeness since Botcon toys are difficult to get anyway.

As with above, all the images are mirrored off Seibertron.

Jackpot, a retool of Animated Jazz with a new head.

A retool of ROTF Lockdown with the Axer head as Circuit (who in the G1 toyline is a repaint of Axer).

G1 Breakdown, a repaint of Universe Sideswipe with Botcon's 'G2' Breakdown head in a G1 deco.

A retool of Prime First Edition Starscream with a new head as Slipstream.

A redeco of the Generations G2 Laser Optimus Prime in colours homaging RID Scourge.

And a redeco of BWN Big Convoy in a Ultra Magnus-inspired deco as Ultra Mammoth, apparently Ultra Magnus in a beast body.

There's also a repaint of Terradive as Beast Wars Depth Charge which is apparently free of charge to anyone who already registered to Botcon.

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