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Machine Wars? Really? Why not...Beast Machines?

Is Machine Wars really a fondly remembered 'fan favourite' line? As far as I recall, it was a cheaply cobbled together store exclusive line - as the frankly p*sspoor decos that those poor toys above have been saddled with will atest. Although it did feature a number of inappropriate moulds passing themselves off as Classic characters. So right at home for the BotCon treatment and hooray for that.

Eh, another round of expensive 'never gonna own' baubles. Hoist looks sort of alright, but the rest like a lot of recent Botcon figures, just look weird. Not much of a fan of the 'jam a head on whatever's available and call it some classic character' approach. And more personally, I'm not a fan of mixing stylised bodies like those from Prime and Animated with stuff that's more traditional looking and trying to pass them off as part of the same universe. It looks stupid and wrong.

I am probably too old and not the target market for these.
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