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Yeah that rumour was short-lived. Never taking that "informer's" word again, ever since he got MP10 and 11 correctly he's been nothing but bullshit all the time.

G2 Sideswipe won't get a separate designation/slot, he's just MP12G. Would like his robot parts being red/lime green though, as the original toy. Hopefully this is just a rough prototype. Definitely getting him though.

MP20 is said to be a car they originally had trouble getting the rights for, so watch out for Jazz/Wheeljack/Bumblebee and maybe Mirage.

Furthermore, they're conducting a poll for a future MP release based almost exclusively on Japanese leaders, from Fort Max to Galaxy Convoy. Including the beast leaders. Most people at tfw2005 just went mental at that thinking that TT betrayed their trust, slept with their mother and sacrificed their newborn to the jackals.

I am seeing this as a pretty sure way to get either a Fortress Maximus or Star Saber in MP form, and would love either [slowly edging to Fort Max]. Would prefer Fort Max to be a tad taller than MP10, thus granting him access to my MTMTE Lost Light Crew.
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