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Wheeljack might be off-limits too (cf. Dino); Ferrari are tight with licencing, not sure about the rest of the Fiat group - that said an MP might be the sort of thing which would swing it. Sunstreaker's probably more likely if they've got some sort of relationship to whoever owns Lambo this week.

Mirage would, I would theorise, be one of the easier guys to get the rights to as it's possible with Ligier > Prost > Phoenix that they either belong to nobody or belong to someone who'll take a lot less money that a major manufacturer would. The main reason we've not seen a Ligier Mirage is that there's not been a lot of call for one when any blue/white racing car (or in the case of Alternators, a completely different car) would do the job. There probably hasn't been a lot of desire from any design teams to do an F1 car Transformer properly as it'd be pretty difficult to do on a scale much bigger than G1 Mirage. On MP scale/detail, where you (theoretically) can't cheat and make the spoiler, suspension etc. thicker it might be a bit of a mare.

It will be interesting to see what will happen when they 'run out' of guys they can seal the licencing on; will the likes of Bee and Jazz (seeing as Volkswagen seem to be unmoving on this) get new alt modes? Get genericised just enough like ROTF Sideways (which, TBH, I'm not sure anyone but car nerds would mind/notice)? Get skipped altogether?
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