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The "concept" car was discredited early on as mistranslated. So no, it's a car that they had problems with the license before. Let's see who it is...

Primal? Heh, that would be interesting, especially in his basic body (the one I like the most). But that would bring scale to issue. Will he be a scout to fit with MP10? Will he just disregard it all and be around MP10 height?

To be honest, Takara is on good terms and has released a car from most brands that cover G1 guys; Toyota [Trailbreaker], Nissan [Ironhide, Ratchet, Prowl etc], Chevrolette [Tracks], Honda [Skids!!!], Mitsubishi [Hound]...the only ones they did/do have an issue with are Ferrari, VW, Porsche and whichever brand made the Lancia Stratos.

While Ginrai/PM Prime is an interesting choice if they do it correctly, it'll just be MP10 all redone once again. Whereas any of the others will be something visually entirely new.

Do we have any idea how the japanese series ranked up in popularity? Might give us a hint on who's most possible to get made first.
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