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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
whichever brand made the Lancia Stratos.
Random speculation ahoy: -

I think they're still owned by Fiat (who also own Ferrari and Alfa Romeo; I think Abarth as well). Ferrari are notoriously difficult with merch because the whole brand runs on exclusivity and people not being able to afford them, so it might not be a Fiat Group policy so much as a specific Ferrari one. Lancia are more of a middle class brand IIRC (I think the rough aspirational hierarchy is Ferrari > Alfa > Lancia > Fiat) and are theoretically a lot less fussy.

Mirage will be owned by whoever the rights for the Ligier designs ended up with after Prost folded, I guess. Possibly reverted back to Guy Ligier himself, which could be interesting as he's a massive twat and is independantly wealthy. Or they could have been auctioned off among the Prost assets, which would leave them with basically anyone.

VW is probably a sailed ship, sadly... if they couldn't get them onboard for the film it's difficult to see them caving for MP.
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