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IIRC Volkwagen's case against entirely comes down to the moral desire not to have the company associated with 'war toys' and they've gone on record to say so (but they were more than happy to be involved in Herbie Fully Loaded as it was a family film with no real violence); lots of German companies still carry a tremendous amount of war guilt, deeply ingrained - the Beetle is basically the Hitlermobile. Problem is that Beetles and Porsches don't need promotion, or at least can get more than enough without having to compromise. Successful, long-established car companies have a Coca-Cola/McDonalds level of brand strength. There are probably people in countries where you can't buy Transformers who would love to have a Porsche.

Didn't GM have massive financial troubles around the same time the films were out?
The Camaro wasn't even on sale until around ROTF.
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