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Hmmm, fair points. I can understand that, as well as a car company so prestigious as, say, Ferrari, not wanting to bother with something as trivial as a 90 USD toy collectible. Most Ferrari cars are made on order, right?
I'm a bit out of date but I think there's just a straight-up cap (couple of hundred a year?) with waiting lists meaning they're always in demand.

IIRC Ferrari (while obviously not on the table for MP) have a strict thing on 'damaged' cars - what would put them off would be that a Transformers figure, especially a modern one, would have to have join lines, areas which would have to deform, etc. So they've no problem with a 'solid' Hot Wheels car.

I'm convinced this is the reason for several of Dino's quirks in the finished film - his survival when he was mooted for death in Que's place, the lack of a clear transformation shot (despite it looking like an expensive transforming CGI model was made), his lack of MechTech weapons... It smacks of official cooperation (whereas The Rock didn't have this so they were able to blow one up, or at least imply that they did). It actually amazes me that they used a Ferrari for a minor character in the film considering all the hassle - I guess Bay's pretty stubborn, or the car was free if they followed the rules to the letter or something. Makes you wonder if a proper Dino/Mirage figure was ever seriously on the agenda.
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